A while back, I picked up a copy of Microsoft Streets and Trips with a GPS because that’s the easiest way to get a GPS locally since a store carrying it (Best Buy) is within walking distance of campus. As luck would have it, this GPS is a remarked Pharos GPS-360, which uses a Prolific pl2303 usb to serial converter. This means that the GPS is compatible with the v1.08 driver for Mac OS X. If you happen to have one of these things, just google for a copy of that driver and use this Info.plist in the driver’s extensions folder. Also delete the kextcache file before rebooting.

*Update: Someone wrote in asking where to find the driver. It’s available on the prolific web site. The link keeps changing, but it’s easily searchable. By the way, if you have the money available, I wholeheartedly recommend the GPS-360 bluetooth adapter. It doesn’t require any additional drivers to work with Mac OS X and you can position it anywhere in the vehicle. *