Update: The iPhone hasn’t supported arbitrary .mobileconfig files in some time, so this is now dead.

So when I got to Belgium and signed up with BASE for internet, I was happy to see that it was fairly easy to get working on my iPhone. However, I was saddened to see that I couldn’t get any of the pre-existing .mobileconfig profiles working for tethering, especially considering that I didn’t want to have to take out my SIM card every time I wanted to get online and that my hotel charges an arm and a leg for data.

After reading Bart Jansen’s Mobistar iPhone Tethering article, I changed a few values in his file and now I have BASE Tethering .mobileconfig. A few caveats: I don’t actually know what the type-mask values do, but they’re apparently related to MMS and tethering. Second caveat is that I didn’t bother to experiment with changing the UUIDs in the file, since I don’t know if they refer to what the payload is supposed to do or uniquely identify the file. This means that if you have Bart’s .mobileconfig installed, bad things may happen.